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Flexibility and Mobility Coaching

At FLOW Performance Coaching Sports Therapy is one of our passions and therefore we offer it as a coaching service.  Mobility and range of motion are key factors in determining how well we age.  We all know that as we get older limitations in both areas can cause the body to suffer from pain or limit us in the activities that we can do. 


This extends to everyday tasks that you might have been able to do and now can’t because you have skeletal or muscular pains, injuries or issues.


We therefore offer a programme of coaching to help you become more mobile and more flexible to prevent or slow down issues such as osteoporosis and arthritis as well as common issues such as heart disease and cancer to name a few of the big ones.


The coaching we provide is dependent upon your circumstances and therefore the plan we build for you will be tailored to what you need, to help you achieve your objectives whether that be to have more mobility or to be pain free.


Our coaching covers the following circumstances:


  1. You are in pain and have reduced mobility and range of motion.  You have been told there is nothing that can be done for you and that although you would like to be more active the pain you suffer hinders this. 

  2. You have been injured doing the sport you enjoy.  You have recovered but are afraid of being injured again and want a plan to help prevent injury going forward.

  3. You are injured and despite your efforts to recover you have not been successful.  You may have been injured for a short period or longer period of time or have that old injury you did years ago playing football that comes back and niggles at you from time to time.

We combine our coaching with Sports Massage Therapy, which although a separate service we offer, can greatly help with any issues you have with mobility and range of motion.  We are specialists in both these areas as they are very complimentary at helping improve flexibility and reduce or remove pain issues.


Whilst we don’t guarantee to give you a pain free life, we do know that flexibility and mobility exercises can greater help.


Our coaching is based on Yoga principals, and we will take you through a series of Asanas which are focused on improving your strength, flexibility and mobility.  We don’t offer meditation as a service and our sessions “are” a workout and are not like what you may have experienced in typical Yoga Studios.


We also combine Yoga with Strength and Conditioning work using bodyweight to change and improve the physical aspects of your body.


As a client you will also receive a weekly plan with a set routine of exercises to perform.  We will also invite you to attend online sessions which may be 1.1 or in Small Groups and there is no limit in a month to how many of these sessions you join – these sessions are mostly conducted online but we do run face to face sessions on request as well.


We take flexibility and mobility of the body seriously as we know that it can have a dramatic impact on the body allowing you to live a normal healthy pain free life.  If you have been told there is nothing that can be done to improve your situation, then give us a try as we would like to have the opportunity to prove that this is not the case – there is always a way to make things better even with small changes.


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