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Injury Prevention Massage

This type of treatment is designed to keep you fit and healthy and away from the injury bench.  Clue is in the name after all.  What is important to note in this treatment is that this is likely to be an intense massage as we will be looking for potential problem areas in your muscles and will work through them to relief any stress, tension, or issues with the fascia.  In doing so, you are less likely to get injured as we will spend time making sure the muscles are relaxed, lengthened and more flexible through treatment.


Benefits of treatment:


  1. Removal of waste products and toxins from the body.

  2. Increased oxygenation improving blood flow in the body.

  3. Better muscle elasticity reducing risk of strains and muscle pulls.

  4. Reduce stress and improve sleep levels.

An injury prevention massage is really for maintenance.  To ensure you don’t become injured.  The timing of this treatment will depend on the type of activity you are doing and how long you are performing it each week.  As a simple guide, if you are training less than 10 hours per week then an injury prevention massage once per month should suffice.  If you are training greater than 10 hours per week, then a massage every two weeks or more is recommended - especially for runners who only run.


As always it is recommended that immediately after your treatment you drink plenty of fluids and refrain from undertaking high intensity physical activity. 

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