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Three Legged Dog
Qualified Coach in Triathlon, Personal Training, Yoga and Nutrition and recognised professionally by the following organisations

10 years + 

At FLOW Performance Coaching we are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.  Our philosophy is that you don't have to be the best at what you do but, we just ask you to try and be the best that you can be.  No matter what you do, we want you to do it with pride and ultimately making yourself proud is what really counts to us.  We also know that change can be difficult.  Whether you want to change your physical appearance or achieve a new Personal Best in your chosen sport we know that there is a journey that you need to go on.  And it can be difficult, but remember, our goal is to support and encourage you through your journey and remember, you will always be stronger than your excuses when working with us.  We want to congratulate all of you for what you have achieved, as it makes us proud to be part of your journey!

Team Flow 

For everyday health and fitness and competitive athletes

This space is dedicated to the hard work put in by you, our clients, to improve your lives through health and fitness.  As a Team, we are very inclusive and everyone is made to feel welcome.  We work hard to build and develop our relationship with you as no matter what your objectives are we want to help you achieve them.  As a Coaching Team the most satisfying part of our work is seeing you get the results that you have strived for.  We are behind you 100% of the way and we'll be your biggest fan!



To all of our clients past and present, we dedicate this hall of fame to you and thank you for your trust, confidence and support. 

FLOW in Numbers 

Our success is measured by what we do not what we say.  Some of the important aspects of our business that we track are:


Slots available to join Team FLOW


athletes competing in Ironman (and dreaming of KONA)


clients achieving their body transformation goals


burpees completed by the team (at their request!)

What Our Clients Say

From couch potato to Ironman.  Mike listens, understands and knows how to structure your training plans to your exacts needs.  He is the difference, if you're serious about getting fit and need help, he is the man.

Robbie R. 

Our Partners 

Flow Performance Coaching is proud to work with the following partners.

FLOW Partners Possenia

Creates professional bold, original cycling apparel that is responsibly and ethically-made.

FLOW Partners Todo

Triathlon training and coaching partner based in Lanzarote, Spain.

FLOW Partners Swiss 4 Afrika

Charity partner helping to build and develop communities in South Africa.


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