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Camille Bouverot

Camille has been working with the team for a couple of years now and has built up a consistent level of training during that time, leading to her qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships being held in Finland in 2023. Originally from France but has lived in Singapore for 10 years before relocating to Zurich with her job.

Camille Bouverot

During her time in Singapore she trained well and became a regular with the Greyhound cycling team and also competed in short and standard distance triathlon competitions, most of which she either won her age group or was on the podium. She is no stranger to the heat, so hot and humid conditions don't bother her in the way they might other athletes and her strength is on the bike so a fast flat course is right up her street....although she is also a very capable climber and has spent a significant amount of time in 2023 training in the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Camille will continue to focus on 70.3 competitions post the World Champs and you never know she might even step up to Ironman one day. We are working on persuading her to do so 😉

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