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Pre-Race Massage

A pre-race massage is the perfect treatment to have before an important race, event or competition.  The optimal time to have this treatment is 2-3 days before your race and we also recommend that directly after your treatment that you stretch your body to ensure the muscles gain the most benefit in one go.

Benefits of treatment:


  1. Relieves stress and tension in the muscles.

  2. Doesn’t damage the muscles.

  3. Increases blood circulation and flexibility.

  4. Mentally prepares the athlete for competition.

When having a pre-race massage, the focus is on allowing the blood to flow through the muscles and improving circulation throughout the body.  Not only is this an invigorating experience but it helps to relax the muscle tissue and to prepare it for race day.  


The depth of the massage is not deep, and therefore you should not feel any pain or discomfort either during or after the treatment.  It is not like a Sports Massage where the focus is to repair and help heal damaged muscle fibres.  The key focus is preparation for competition.


A pre-race massage can also give you a psychological advantage ahead of the race as you know that your body is in optimal condition before the start therefore allowing you to perform at your best when you need to.


Typically, this type of treatment can vary from 15 to 60 mins depending upon the areas of focus and the amount of work required to get your body ready for activity.


As always it is recommended that immediately after your treatment you drink plenty of fluids and refrain from undertaking high intensity physical activity.  Until race day of course, and then it is full gas!

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