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Rehabilitation Massage

It is often said, there are two types of athletes.  Those who are injured and those who are about to be injured.  If you find yourself in the first category, then rest and recover with a rehabilitation massage treatment.  


We will first assess your injury and determine the appropriateness of the treatment that we will give you.  If you have muscle tissue damage from a strain, cramp, tear then it is best to have a treatment only 48 hours after you incurred the injury.  This is because the muscle tissue will start to heal and if you have a massage treatment during this phase of recovery then it will not benefit you as the muscle tissue is not ready for massage.  


We recommend that you follow a RICE protocol which includes Recovery, Ice, Compression and Elevation before having any further treatment.


If you suspect that your injury is worse than any of these injuries, please make an appointment to see a doctor as they may recommend you have an x-ray or a scan.  Especially if you have bruising and or swelling to the injured muscle.


Once we are confident that we can treat you we will work on the target areas to relieve pain from the injured area and muscles.  This may be quite painful, depending upon how badly injured the muscle is.  The pain comes from the fact that through treatment we will break down and lengthen the muscle fibres to encourage blood flow and better circulation, all which will help with the healing process.


Benefits of treatment:


  1. Helps to reduce inflammation and scar tissue build up.

  2. Boosts levels of calmness and general well-being.

  3. Reduces pain and discomfort.

  4. Accelerates the recovery process enabling quicker return to fitness

Your appointment will last a minimum of one hour and ideally, we would like to discuss your injury before your treatment with you.  If you are thinking about booking this type of massage then be sure to let us know that you are injured so that we can get a better understanding in advance of your current situation.


Being injured is no fun.  We understand.  Our goal is to get you back up and running (or swimming, or biking, etc.), as quickly as possible but please note Rome was not built in a day so it is possible you may require several appointments before you are healed and ready to go again.


Please also note, that we provide physical therapy plans for our clients.  We assess your strength, range of motion and identify weaknesses.  We do this because often the root cause of an injury is because there may be weakness or imbalance in one or more parts of the body that need to be addressed by physical therapy and not just massage.


When we meet with you, we will discuss this and if we believe it is appropriate, we will recommend a course of action for you to take, should you wish to.


As always it is recommended that immediately after your treatment you drink plenty of fluids and refrain from undertaking high intensity physical activity. 

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